Mr. Rosh, Please check ...

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DxdCn 2007.11.28 18:22

I supplied a Script, Please check it.

Maybe it is simliar to 'Trade Orders History Charts'

Rosh 2007.11.28 18:37 #
Done. See also Show history
What do you think about MQL4程序参考文档中文版本!  ?
DxdCn 2007.11.29 07:27 #

about MQL4程序参考文档中文版本! ?

I think it is only just soso, and even some parts are bad (for example Technical indicators ), and which are translated by manchine.

for example:

timeframe - 期限

timeframe should be translated to timeperiod 时间周期, not 期限 (term).

shift - 从显示缓冲采取的价值的指数(转移相对当前柱特定相当数量期间前)。

shift should be array suffix or array subscript, to indocate a position inside array.

no one know what is 价值的指数, I know it is from "Index of the value", but "Index of the value " should be translated to 所取值的索引(数组下标).

价值的指数 is come from machine translation !


for programmer who can reference english version, no problems; for experience-riching people, have a more diffcult; for other without it background, it is too diffcult .

but most people do not know how to design and outline the structure of program, so more explains with examples are needed.

So I think, at least part of them are translated by manchine.

I do not know why. I think it is very easy if your company can use a little capital to employ part-time professionals to do this.

maybe you know, China's stock market have many excellent software, excellent translation manual and reference will attract more millions people in future following with China's capital market more and more opening.

if your company have large capitals, you can cooperate with some excellent comanies in china.


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