Dear Mr. Rosh, Now the problem is .....

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gget 2007.11.10 11:11

May be using iCustom() has some problem ,The data EA get from the indicator are different with the data calculating by the indicator itself.

We know Mt4 have a series famous three articles to explain how to use iCustom(), the hard nut.

But I found some thing wrong happened with Transferring an Indicator Code into an Expert Advisor Code

In those articles,the writor give the classical example:

An EA "ASCTrend1RAVI_Expert.mq4" communicates with an Indicator "RAVI. mq4"

I do something to show you the wrong facts.

For this, I adding some Filewrite instruction at Ravi.mq4 to record the the buffer's value

And simplify the ASCTrend1RAVI_Expert.mq4 to TEST.mq4

The TEST.mq4 only get data once from RAVI.mq4,so we can compare with the data in the buffers of RAVI.mq4

I give you the results and the mq4s

  ravi.mq4  (3.29 KB)
  test.mq4  (0.99 KB)
Rosh 2007.11.12 11:44 #
There is mistype in your code. This is properly code in Expert Advisor (EA) code:

RAVI_Up[bar-1] = iCustom(NULL, RAVI_Timeframe,"RAVI", Period1_Up,Period2_Up, MA_Metod_Up, PRICE_Up, 0, bar-1);

  test_1.mq4  (1.09 KB)
  ravi_2.mq4  (3.39 KB)
gget 2007.11.12 12:52 #

Dear Mr.Rosh

You are an intelligentest man in Russia may be in the world !!!

You so quickly found the bug and fixed it !

Thank you very very much !

The mistake came from Mr. Nikolay Kositsin

I copyed the code from his program exactly.

So Mr. Nikolay Kositsin may pay us for drinking vodka a lot when I come to Russia


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