How to download day & hour rate data feed before 1999 or 1978?

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watercrt 2008.03.15 11:37

Hi Rosh,

I am a new one to learn Forex trade. It is so excited that I found the best trade system MetaTrader.

Now I am learning how to operate MetaTrader to earn big money. BTW, I got a small problem for you. How

can I configure the software to get EUR day & hour rate data feed before 1999? or where can I download data? As you

know, it is a good way to read enough rate data and analye forex histroy trend to improve my experence. I am so

appreciated for your help. Thanks a million time.


Rosh 2008.03.17 15:13 #
You can import needed historical rates within History Center (F2). I can't tell where is best history, I don't know.


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