Zoom info from the zoom of the chart

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Heino 2007.12.09 18:00

Hello, i wont to ask if it is possible to get a info abaout the zoom faktor from the aktuelly chart.

You all know the zoom in and zoom out button, I must to know for a Indicator which Zoomlevel the are actuelly, gives it there a soultion for to get know how big or smal the zoom is?

Heino 2007.12.09 21:04 #
phy wrote:

What are you trying to do, apart from discover the zoom level?

I have never needed to know the zoom setting...


thank you at first for answer my question, I must told that my english is not so god and because of them ...

But yes, that is it what I need that you have say, I must keep apart the zoom levels which ist at the moment been showed, that because I have Build a indicator that dont show so god in bigger zoom if one dont change the width from the drawing objekts which are necesary to shown the indicator.

Hm, but I dont have find some till know.

dennymz 2015.05.23 15:36 #

What you need is CHART_SCALE .

Check this link https://docs.mql4.com/constants/chartconstants/enum_chart_property

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