Convert Commission+Swap into PIP and add that PIP value with open order price

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d.saravana21 2016.10.17 21:39

Hello brothers,

I would like to know how to convert a order commission + swap value into PIP and I need to add that PIP value with Open order value... (So i'll get exact open order price value)

Thanks in Advance.

macpee 2016.10.18 03:56 #
I must say that your question requires a little more detail. We would like to know if you want to implement your conversion (or calculation) in an Expert Advisor or you just want to do the calculation yourself and know the value you will get. The first case is a little bit challenging especially if you are new to programing with MQL4 (for MT4 platform). Now the second case - by order commission I believe you mean the spread value for an open position. It is listed on the market watch of your metatrader. As for swap, right click an instrument on the market watch and click 'specification'. You need to convert SWAP and SPREAD (the commision) to POINTS by multiplying each by the POINT value of the instrument you have selected, then add the results you get to your Open order value. Hope this helps.
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