Show Object Name on Chart and create a line till last day?

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FrazeColder 2016.10.17 13:36

Hey Guys,

I have currently two problems.

1. How can I display a name of a horizontal line on the chart? - I tried to create a label and set it with TimePrice to XY to the right position. But there is the problem that it will always be on the same XY... So if I press + or -, the label is somewhere..
2. Is it possible to draw a horizontal line which is only from 00:00 till yet? - So the line doesn't goes until the last world war hahah :D

Thank you for your help! 

GumRai 2016.10.17 13:53 #

You could draw a trendline, not a HL.

You could use OBJ_TEXT instead of a label. You would then need to move the time anchor if necessary

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