How do I step back and forward in a indicators return?

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ichitrader 2016.10.10 13:48

I am returning the value of the Ichimoku indicator and want to be able to look at the data in the chinkou span one step back and one step forward of what is the default. So the 2 points on either side is what I wanted to retrieve.

The chinkou span is a lagging indicator which is 26 positions behind. So I essentially want price data from 25 and 27 as 26 is the default. How can I return this data?

    IchChin =  iCustom(NULL,0,"Ichimoku",9,26,52,4,26); //ChinKou Span
    IchChin25 =  iCustom(NULL,0,"Ichimoku",9,26,52,4,25); //ChinKou Span - one step before default - always returns 0 ??
    IchChin27 =  iCustom(NULL,0,"Ichimoku",9,26,52,4,27); //ChinKou Span - one step after default 
GumRai 2016.10.10 14:20 #
You cannot look forward for the chikou. With the default 26, it is simply the close price shifted 26 bars back. 25 doesn't exist.
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