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legburger 2016.09.21 17:55
Hi I am thinking of developing an EA that depends on the trading server being live 24/7. Does anyone have any 'rough' idea of what percentage of users of MT4 use Virtual servers or leave their machines running? (or is there an alternative way around this issue of requiring constant connectivity?)
FMIC 2016.09.21 19:50 #

I would say that most active traders (not hobby traders) that use fully autonomous EA's, use an external VPS service for live 24/5 trading. By VPS, I mean a 3rd party VPS and not necessarily those virtual services provided via MetaQuotes.

However, since within the universe of traders, only a very small percentage are successful, active traders, then your request of percentage is very relative.

  • If you include all traders/users, including those loosing money, then I would say "roughly" only 0.9%.
  • If you only consider active, successful traders (both manual trading and EA trading), which would represent "roughly" 5% of the total universe, then only "roughly" 18% of those use VPS.
  • If you only consider active, fully autonomous EA traders, which represent "roughly" 1% of the total universe, then I would say "roughly" 90% of those use a VPS.

PS! By "roughly", I mean "suck my thumb and hope that mercury is not in retrograde, and that my clairvoyant and prophetic abilities are working today".

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