Wrong chart opening when selecting Chart Window in Market Watch

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tdbarnard 2016.09.09 00:44

This just started happening the other day and I can not figure out what is causing MT4 to do this.

When opening a new chart through Market Watch it does not matter which currency pair I highlight

and then select Chart Window, the chart that is opened is always GBPNZDi (my broker is Trader's Way

and on their Live accounts server all currencies end with a lower-case "i").


Up until a couple of days ago it would open a new chart with the pair I had highlighted, but not

anymore. Does anyone have an idea what might be going on? I am still running Version 4.00

Build 1010 which updated on August 18, 2016. This problem just began after September 1st.


Any help resolving this issue would be much appreciated! 

WHRoeder 2016.09.09 14:25 #
Clicking on a chart does nothing (except to give it keyboard focus.) Never has. Drag the pair to the chart.
honest_knave 2016.09.09 14:49 #

I think the OP means right-click:


WHRoeder 2016.09.09 16:13 #
Right click worked fine for me on 1010
honest_knave 2016.09.09 19:04 #
And for me too.
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