Convert mq4 to mq5

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FMIC 2016.08.15 00:54 #

FMIC, I said try not that it will work! Beside that I have no idea about his EA (size, indicator calls, ...).

Beside that I have the feeling that mqh are compiled as if they were in mq5 and not mq4 - but I could be wrong!

Gooly! If you really don't know the ins and outs of MQL5 or the differences with MQL4, please don't just tell someone to "try" something, just for the sake of answering a thread - that is like the blind trying to lead the blind!

Just because the compiler for MQL4 or MQL5 is one and the same, does not mean that the underlying support system for MT4 and and MT5 are the same. Although the "languages" (MQL4 and MQL5) are nowadays almost identical, the "systems" (MT4 and MT5), are still very different.

eddie 2016.08.15 09:13 #

Is there a functioning program to convert a mq4-EA to mq5-EA?



As this is a MQL4 forum, why are you not asking at MQL5 forum, how they converted their cource code?
FMIC 2016.08.15 13:12 #
traderdoc: Is there a functioning program to convert a mq4-EA to mq5-EA?

Strangely enough, an Article was just recently posted on the MQL5 site that is very relevant to this thread:

Cross-Platform Expert Advisor – Introduction

WHRoeder 2016.08.15 13:50 #
And it says
It is not possible to have a single source file that is cross-platform compatible. This is due to how the source files are being compiled
-- New article: Cross-Platform Expert Advisor – Introduction (MetaQuotes Software Corp.) - MQL4 forum
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