OBJPROP_BORDER_COLOR does not changes OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL border color

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wemersonrv 2016.07.14 00:16


I am trying to change the colors of an object, but the OBJPROP_BORDER_COLOR not chages... 

If i try to change the Background color, works:

ObjectSetInteger( 0, "my_rect_label", OBJPROP_BGCOLOR, clrGreen); 


But, when try to change the Border Color... not works :

ObjectSetInteger( 0, "my_rect_label", OBJPROP_BORDER_COLOR, clrRed);  


Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?

WHRoeder 2016.07.14 02:41 #

In my GUI at Indicators: Money Manager Graphic Tool - MQL5.community traders' Forum - Page 5 The color of the box is OBJPROP_BGCOLOR, the color of the text is OBJPROP_COLOR.

List of MQL4 Constants - MQL4 Reference plainly states:

OBJPROP_BORDER_COLORBorder color for the OBJ_EDIT and OBJ_BUTTON objects
Nothing to do with rectangles.

wemersonrv 2016.07.14 03:32 #

Hum... ok.. thanks.

Remove the borders... if i need to use border effect... i will draw a second rectangle behind with 1pixel larger from each side... 


Thank you for your help! 

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