MathAbs subtraction does not work

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fly7680 2016.07.08 22:00
Hello to all, to get a result with a subtraction between two figures (price), use this code, but the result does not come out. The compilation of the code does not generate errors.

How could I solve?

thank you

&& MathAbs(Close[2+i] -Open [2+i]) > DojiGap2  * myPoint // this work!!      
&& MathAbs (Close[1+i]-iMA(NULL, PERIOD_CURRENT, 20, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1+i)) > GapMM //This not work why?!?
fly7680 2016.07.08 22:14 #

Sorry I have solved alone, I forgot the code

* myPoint
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