maximisation issue

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strontiumDog 2016.06.29 20:54


Sometimes, when I have a load of charts unmaximised, I maximise one of them for a while.  When I switch to the others they are maximised in window, but the window contents is still the same dimensions of the window as it was previously and the rest of the window is just black.  I have to unmaximise each window and remaximise it to get it to maximise.

Does anyone else get this?  I've had the same problem for years.

FMIC 2016.06.29 22:31 #
No, I have never had that problem before! However, I don't usually have more than a maximum of 4 or 5 charts open at the same time.
honest_knave 2016.06.30 00:51 #
Yep, had it on and off. Never really figured out what causes it I'm afraid!
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