can't get walk forward analyzer to work anymore (worked 1 month ago) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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trader19882 2016.06.22 10:08

One month ago I was able to do an walk forward analysis with the walk forward analyzer from
I was using build 950 at the time

now one month later I am trying again to use this, but I can not get it working again :(

When I try to load the settings file (.set) I get an message: The selected settings file must be in the \tester folder!

I think it wants the folder to be in C:programfiles... and not in C:users:AppData....

I tried clean normal installations and running it in portable modes but that did not help in starting the walk forward analysis.

Anybody know how I could get this working again?

Thank you in advance!

alexey_pak 2016.06.22 10:20 #
Hello read this article.
FMIC 2016.06.22 10:25 #
Since that is 3rd party utility, don't you think you should be contacting them instead for support?
trader19882 2016.06.22 10:38 #

walk forward analyzer is not supported anymore(if you read their website), but I think there are several MT4 users on this forum that still use it. I am looking for those people who have experience with it now.

As I have been using the software 1 month ago and it worked then I assume there is still a way around to get it working (although I can't seem to remember how I did it back then and why the error pops up now)
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