TimeGMT() is Wrong in Strategy Tester - FXCM demo server

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c0d3 2016.06.08 19:12

Can anyone explain why TimeGMT() method call in Strategy Tester is 3 hours behind?

The only reason why I noticed this bug was because of Visual Mode in Strategy Tester.

I noticed that the time of entry was wrong in Visual Mode, and when l started looking further into it I noticed that there was a 3 hour bug.



FMIC 2016.06.08 19:14 #

Read the documentation: https://docs.mql4.com/dateandtime/timegmt

During testing in the Strategy Tester, TimeGMT() is always equal to TimeCurrent() simulated server time.

Next time, do a search in the forum before posting. You would have found other related threads, such as the following:

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