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KeepMarcos 2016.05.18 13:38
Hello guys.
I'm trying to make a backtest of 12/01/2014 to 15/05/2016
but the metatrader starts in September.

follows the print below.
Anyone know the problem? 

thank you!!!!!

FMIC 2016.05.18 13:48 #

Using data from Broker or MetaQuotes usually means that you cannot look too far back as they may not have that information available.

That is why many "PRO" users, prefer to download 3rd party Tick Data and Produce our own FXT & HST data files for back-testing with better quality as well as VERY far back in time.

So do a Google Search for "Dukascopy Historical Data", "TickStory" and "Birt's TickDataSuite".

WHRoeder 2016.05.18 13:53 #
  1. Most brokers only have 32 or 65K bars of history per timeframe. That's 45 days of M1, 2.5 years on M15, etc.
  2. Quickly DL all available history from your broker: Problem loading historical data - MQL4 forum
KeepMarcos 2016.05.18 14:13 #
thank you for answer
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