Expert Advisor Wizard seems defect?

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daytrader1979 2016.05.11 12:39


I am using Metatrader4 with my Oanda live trading account. When I wanted to use the EA Wizard I was not allowed to access the indicators in the Wizard - basically the Wizard was empty. The indicators were visible in the normal window of MT4. What do you think is wrong - something to do with Win10 that I am using?

Thanks for your time!


FMIC 2016.05.11 13:21 #

I am assuming you are referring to the "generate" feature of the "EA Wizard". If so, then it is only available for MQL5.

In MetaTrader 4, the Wizard only allows creating templates for EA's, Indicators, Scripts, etc. but not for auto-building a working EA.

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