Problem with mt4 in virtualbox VM

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ZIKASS 2016.05.10 02:50

Hello people i need your help , I m using a linux ios and i d like to run mt4 in my virtual machine windows 7 in virtualbox but when i install mt4 and trying to run it the terminal in the process crash i don t know the problem I ve change a lot of ios but the problem is the same the terminal crash at the begining 

Thanks a lot i know that i can use mt4 in linux by installing wine but it will be better on a windows ios . 

oddpip 2016.05.10 12:37 #

Hi Zik,

I am always using MT4 in a VirtualBox and I had the same problem for particular configurations.

Not every VirtualBox can run MT4, and this depends on the architecture bit-size (32/64) of:
- your CPU
- the Virtual Machine you create in VirtualBox
- the Windows7 you are installing

The first thing i reccommend you to check is your CPU.

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