installing MT4 offline

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nastaari 2016.05.08 07:24

Hi everybody

I would appreciate if you could help me know if it is possible to install meta trader offline , I don't have direct connection to internet on my computer at work .

I was thinking it might be possible to copy source file and specially use editing environment .


Memma30 2016.05.08 09:20 #
it is not possible.
FMIC 2016.05.08 11:00 #
it is not possible.

IT IS POSSIBLE! It is just more complicated to do so. However, offline mode only makes sense for using the Strategy Tester with externally generated tick data and little else.

  1. Install on a PC that does have Internet, but set it up in Portable mode [terminal.exe /portable ] on a separate and independent folder (such as an external USB flash drive).
  2. On the other PC without Internet, just use the external USB as is, or copy the folder over to you local hard-drive.
  3. If needed, adjust the shortcuts (or batch files) to take into account the new location.

However, take into account that since you do not have access to the Internet, certain pieces of information will be missing, such as certain symbol details, current prices for calculating tick value, so to prevent this problem, make sure you connect to the Broker while still on the first PC and select all the necessary symbols that you will need. Only after that can you then copy the entire structure over to the new PC.

There are however a few caveats, but if you are already using external tick data for Back-Testing, then you will probably already know about the little requirements needed for setting this up.

nastaari 2016.05.08 21:44 #


IT IS POSSIBLE! It is just more complicated to do so. However, offline mode . . . .

Thanks , I will check !
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