mt4 back testing on tick, opens new chart and just sits there.. any idea why it wont work? also I bought a copy trade on mql5 i have mt4.. im not receiving any signals HELP please

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beyonder 2016.04.29 02:32

When i log into mql5 site, i can see my subscription and when i look at history i see i missed a trade and no trade shows on my account any idea how i can cancel the subscription cause it doesnt work or 2. fix it? or 3 why im not getting any signals copied??


and any help with back testing would be greatly appreciated.

my settings are as follows.


macd sample


i looked at the journal and it says


test generator unmatched data error  

please help do i need to download history? also if so,  my client has been open the whole time is it not downloading tick data the whole time?



WHRoeder 2016.04.29 21:39 #
You can't back test subscriptions.
FMIC 2016.04.30 00:36 #
You can't back test subscriptions.

@WHRoeder: He is not requesting back-testing a subscription. He stated that he wanted help back-testing the "MACD Sample".

@beyonder: Read through the applications help file: MetaTrader 4 -> Help -> Help Topics (F1) -> Client Terminal -> Auto Trading -> Strategy Tester

>> "test generator unmatched data error"

Means that there are differences between data from different time-frames.

>> whole time is it not downloading tick data the whole time

It won't build a database of tick data. It will only build history data based on bars of different time-frames but only for the charts that are open. So if you want to store long term data, you will have to do one of the following:

  • either have all charts open for every time-frame M1, M5, M15 , M30, H1, H4, D1, WK1, MN1 for a very long time in order to collect the necessary data.
  • alternatively, download the data via the "History Center (F2)"
  • or use 3rd Party tools with external tick data to build true tick data files (FXT) for the strategy tester.

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