How to measure price difference in points?

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konradp 2016.04.23 17:27

Hi, I'm looking to measure difference in two prices in points, in other words as example if I have price of 1.1112 and 1.1102, hot to measure 10 points difference? I can subtract one from another but I get 0.0001 instead of 10.


FMIC 2016.04.23 17:59 #

Points or Pips? They are different! In your example, you are using 4 digits for the prices, instead of 5, so it would seem you are wanting to "Pips" and not points.

However, if you really mean points and not pips, that is quite easily done as follows:

dblPriceDeltaPoints = ( dblPrice1 - dblPrice2 ) / _Point;

konradp 2016.04.23 19:22 #
yes points, it's just an example what i posted. thanks!!
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