Anyone know how to develop a multicurrency indicator ?

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wemersonrv 2016.05.08 05:21 #

Well guys, the first part is done ( reading all pairs rates ).

Now i need use the rates of all paris copied with the function ArrayCopyRates to pot some graphic indicators like an RSI... as i draw in the image below:


In my initial question i intend know how to do this... and not about reading rates. I do not think i will need to copy rates before to draw it, but was good to know how to do... now i just need to discover a way to split the indicator area to plot all pairs...

wemersonrv 2016.05.08 22:29 #
Understand. Then all of the elements must be drawn as objects.
4x_Gypsy 2016.05.09 00:31 #

This is a Indicator I picked up somewhere, I never tried to decipher it. I shows a representation of 3 timeframes of the current chart. The crazy thing is the candles are drawn with Histograms. Pretty neat but not what I am into right now.

Best Wishes 

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wemersonrv 2016.05.09 02:51 #
Ok, thanks. I an travelling at work and when return i willl test it.
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