Open Indicators on another Chart out of my Indicator

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sunshineh 2016.02.28 16:00


how can I open an indicator out of my indicator?

I see the following functions: ChartIndicatorDelete(), ChartIndicatorsTotal() but no function to open a indicator out of my indicator.

sunshineh 2016.02.29 14:18 #
Sorry for my request. I will describe my question in detail. I want to open an indicator on ANOTHER Chart, not on the one, the indicator is running itself. So I have already the chart-ID from the other chart and only want to say, that f.e. the MACD should be shown there. I know I can save a template and open this on the other chart, but than all my drawn lines are deleted. I have already looked in the help, but I found no function for that?! Is there no possibility to do that?
zirkoner 2016.03.01 22:04 #
Only with WinAPI. Make some researches.
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