strategy tester not starting with imported history data...

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aq4x 2016.02.08 23:33

[see attached] current eurusd m1 data goes back to 19october2010. i would like to import data for mt4 history center from here: - my goal is to have eurusd h1 data back to 2001. my question is in regards to mt4 period converter script. [1] do i import data into eurusd m1 history center, then place period converter script on eurusd m1 chart, then change 'period converter' script to '60' value, in order for eurusd h1 history center data to be correct / complete until 2001?

i have successfully imported eurusd h1 data into history center. also, i have date range enabled in strategy tester settings. however, strategy tester results start november 2015, not 2001.

4evermaat 2016.02.09 12:48 #
Did you try deleting the fxt file, and then restarting the test?  You may have to wait the first test for the fxt file to be generated for the period you select several minutes.  But then each subsequent test will be a lot faster, because you already have the fxt file generated.
WHRoeder 2016.02.09 14:26 #
aq4x: [see attached]  import data into eurusd m1 history center,
  1. Don't attach a image, insert the image
  2. Do you have tools -> options -> chart -> Max Bars in History = 9999999999999?
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