resurrected member question: mt4 will not be retired?

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jcadong5 2016.02.01 10:55



Last time I was active coding robots (using MT4) (probably around 3 years ago or more), MT5 was starting to be used, and there were rumors that MT4 will soon or someday be pulled out or no longer be supported  (requiring upgrade of robots to MT5).


I wish to look into coding robots again.


I am comfortable with MT4 having coded a lot using it long time ago.


My question is.  Should I go on develop again on MT4 (if that is my preference)?  Is there a hard date by which we should stop developing new robots using MT4 or a date that MT4 will be NOT supported anymore by trading systems? 


I will appreciate it. 

GumRai 2016.02.01 11:27 #

I really can't see any time in the foreseeable future that MT4 would be completely abandoned.

Most traders that use MT4 are not willing to change to MT5 

honest_knave 2016.02.01 11:29 #

Plus many of the benefits of MQL5 are now available in MQL4.


jcadong5 2016.02.01 12:20 #

Hi GumRai and honest_knave,  I appreciate it.  Thank you for the reply.


- j 

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