EA not trading

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oldvilla_87 2016.01.29 05:18
Hey guys,
I am having an issue where EA will not execute order if I set the Use_FirstPO = FALSE. 

Here is the code:
Attached files:
  eamsteck13gsll.mq4  (24.38 KB)
edddim 2016.01.29 05:49 #
   G e n e r a t e d  by ex4-to-mq4 decompiler FREEWARE 4.0.509.5
   Website: h TtP: / /ww W. meTaQ U o T eS.n et
   E-mail : s UpPO RT @meT A qu O T e S .N Et
#property copyright "Copyright © 2014, Alice - STEC Group"

#property link      "https://www.facebook.com/groups/stec.grou

 *** That thing is with copyright, and you should not ask that.

2-nd, even if it was without that text, would be recognized by the variables modified. 

GumRai 2016.01.29 07:42 #

As edddim has pointed out, we do not allow posting of de-compiled code here.

For some reason I am unable to delete the attached file. Please remove the attachment and do not post de-compiled code again. It may lead to a ban. 

WHRoeder 2016.01.29 15:38 #

Ask the owner of the source code to give it to you or have him fix it for you.

Decompiled code is stolen code. Either you are a thief, a fence, or the receiver of stolen (intellectual) property. Either way we will not be an accomplice after the fact to theft. See also https://forum.mql4.com/41864#490649

If you post decompiled code again, you will likely be banned.

Don't tell us you found it on the 'net: if someone stole your bank details and uploaded them on to the internet, is it OK for everyone to use them because "someone uploaded it, I don't know why I can't use that"?

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