every tick optimazation

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hadder 2016.01.23 14:02
when we optimizing an expert most of us uses the control point to do so when he get a good he became happy thugh this choice did not reflect the real test to prof this if you repeat the test using every tick you will see a different results (most of them are to bad) now when i tried to use every tick optimization and after along time of waiting for the results then using it to re test the EA i v shocked that the result ar to different and tooooo baddddd pleas help me how to get a considered result using every tick optimization ?????????????????      
WHRoeder 2016.01.23 17:09 #
  1. When using mechanical translation, you must use simple language structure; you post is unintelligible.
  2. The documentation clearly says
    Not be considered means do not use except for quick tests.
  3. Do you have M1 history covering your optimization period?
hadder 2016.01.23 18:04 #

yes i have M1 history data


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