exactly how is email alert triggered in mt4? via sendEmail() in my indicator source code or in mt4 email prefs ?

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erjan_trader 2016.01.21 16:54

I have set up standard email smtp in my mt4.

smtp.gmail.com, my gmail acc, my gmail pwd.

I hit test - it does work.

Now I have my indicator which does not have sendEmail() alert in source code. Does it mean my indicator will not send any email alerts?

Do I still have to call sendEmail() function inside my  indicator source code? 

WHRoeder 2016.01.21 20:57 #
How else would you think a send would occur?
erjan_trader 2016.01.22 07:46 #
How else would you think a send would occur?

so? i m right? or not? the problem is that i have indicator (ex4 file) but not mql file, <removed>


another problem occurs.....  

GumRai 2016.01.22 07:53 #

Please do not discuss decompiling code here.

If you want an email alert when your indicator shows a signal and uses buffers, you could write another indicator that uses iCustom to read the buffer and send the alert.

If it uses objects on the chart, you could check the chart objects. 

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