Access time series data via MT4 TCP bridge in C#

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Hoodlum 2016.01.10 23:07

I gather from the wealth of C# APIs out there that it is possible to connect to MT4 over TCP and perform various functions.

The C# APIs I've found online are massively overkill for what I need - but presumably the people who made these API had some sort of reference document of how to communicate with MT4 over TCP? Does anyone know where I can find this information?

I only want to be able to access time series data for the current session - getting it from .hst won't work, since the files aren't flushed until the client terminal shuts down - unless anyone knows of a way to force a data flush?

My only other option is to write some code in MT4 to manually flush the "session" rates to the .hst file, but potentially I could end up with invalid data in the files in this way.

Thanks for any info

Hoodlum 2016.01.10 23:17 #

Although maybe it's the case that all these APIs have some proprietary code running inside MT4 itself which enables the TCP communication, in which case I'd have to look into the named pipes method... 

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