orders from mobile platform in log file

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sky_lc 2016.01.05 13:44


I noticed that whenever i place an order on my android mobile platform, it isn´t registered in mt4 desktop log file, even though it displays it on the chart. Is there a way of registering on the log file those orders? I was thinking of an indi that would register the activity on chart to the log, even if it´s an order sent from mobile platform...

The reason is that I´m having dukascopy platform (jforex) read my orders from log file. if I place order from the phone, jforex won´t receive it...

is this the way or is there an easier way? or is there any other log file I couldn´t find yet?

thanks in advance

sky_lc 2016.01.07 16:32 #

ideas? anyone?


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