What is MTN? How can I build the indicator myself?

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ThomasTaylor 2015.12.25 23:41

Hello! For Christmas, my parents purchased an Ipad Mini 2 for me. I downloaded the MT4 app and have enjoyed it thus far. For my trading profile, I need the Forex MTN indicator to be applied for a good entry point. I can do it without the indicator, but I believe it is a great tool to utilize for confidence.

Are there any oscillators that are pre-installed on the app that will emulate the same features as the Forex MTN? I have messed around with some of them, but there not quite as right as the indicator itself.

 I realize that I won't be able to have the dots that show up whenever something is over sold/bought, but each oscillator I've attempted to use did not represent what was shown on the Forex MTN. Does anyone know how I can emulate it through the settings of another pre-installed oscillator?  

ThomasTaylor 2015.12.25 23:42 #

For reference, here is the Forex MTN indicator as shown on my template:


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