Advisor Builder [alpha version]

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AdvisorBuilder 2015.12.19 13:06

Hello. I want to share my 3rd party program which allows to create mql4 advisors with embedded blocks.

The main goal of program is to give ability to create advisor with templates and embedded functionality.

Main screen of program Advisor Builder

Based on added blocks, for example time of play Hours, day of week, months, etc program will create an advisor only with these blocks.

Advisor with all current implemented blocks attached.

Program also attached, it's written on java 8. To create an mql4 advisor add block from left and press button Create Code. Program will create a Test.mq4 file inside a folder with program. Remember, it's an alpha version and just showcase of basic functionality.

Waiting for your feedback and suggestions. Final version will take about 1-3 months of development.

Below a table with all features which will be implemented at the future.

Time of Play: minutes, hour start, length, hoursString, hours of day of week, day of week, day of month, months
Money management: min lot, fixed lot, ratio lot(%),
risk (% calculate risk with stop loss and free margin),martingale, other money management strategies
Take profit and stop loss: fixed stop and take, stop and take based on ATR.
trailing profit, trailing stop
Order Management: use market orders, use limit orders, multiple orders for one position(with different takes, stop levels).
Open and Close conditions: use only buy, sell. Independent work of buy and sell orders. Independent signals for buy, sell per hour, day, etc.
Different close conditions: close all positions(position) at a particular hour, day(for example friday, 23:00). Close all positions(position) after 10 hours(minutes, days, etc.)no
Indicators: add ability to add indicators in code with predefined input variables.
Statistics: save all trades info into file(order open time close time, take, stop, etc. Save testing result in one file. All optimization results will be saved in one file.
Reports: generate basic reports after testing in file. (hour, months profits etc.) Optifal F, G and etc.
Quotes analysis: ability to save quotes into file with any indicators values.
Programming Environment:no
 Create GUI with ability to add variables and functions inside a program.
 Create GUI which will allow to add conditions based on existing variables, indicators.
 Save and load system to store advisor templates(write and read it from .xml file or other format)
More features: implement most popular strategies, close, open conditions and order management.

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