Push notifications are not comming to my android mt4

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wemersonrv 2015.12.09 01:59



I've install mt4 mobile on my android and activate PUSH notifications on my PC.

MT4 informs no errors on sending a notification, but nothing comes to my mobile. I've check on the app details and the "Accept notifications" options is active.


Anybody knows about issues on android versions ? 

wemersonrv 2015.12.12 12:33 #

Hi, just updating.


The notifications just comes to my app when i restart my android and open the metatrader 4 mobile again. But never comes in real-time! 

wemersonrv 2015.12.14 20:50 #

Just updating again.


I've try on a Iphone 6 and the notifications works fine... at maximum 3 seconds the push notifications comes on iphone... but not on my android! 

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