how to backup?

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boomwong 2015.12.07 05:18

Hello, I trade by MT4 for years, and it is fantastic software, better than any other ones.

Now I am confused how to backup my analysis history?

 As many users, I used to mark some lines onto graphics of MT4, but how can I backup them? I knew MT4 recorded and stored them automatically, but If I change another pc, or reinstall win, how can I remove my lines to new pc or system?

Are those lines made by user stored in any files, in any folders?  Can I copy them in new pc and everything is just like previous one?

 Looking forward help and GL ALL. 

boomwong 2015.12.07 07:02 #

i found solution myself. 

For anyone maybe has same trouble:

Open MT4 folder, open "profiles", copy the folder " default", paste it in new PC in same position, you will get exactly same charts in two PCs.

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