Should i move from MQL4 to MQL5 ?

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maleas_k 2015.12.03 18:22

Hello Everybody,

At the last few months i am experiencing a lot of problems with my MQL4 codes, EAs and indicators, each time metaqoutes releases an update.

The first time i post a comment in the forum and in the help desk but it didn't help at all, so the second time i didn't make the effort.

Now , which the problems became too many, i am considering to move to MQL5 as a solution but... is it?

Can anyone, who has made the transition from 4 to 5, advise me?

I am thinking if it's worth the trouble to rewrite the codes, but mainly, does MQL5 have less bugs than 4?

Thanks in advance.

Konstantinos Maleas

Individual trader.

gatoreyefx 2015.12.04 07:18 #
I personally do not think it's an issue with neither MQL4 or MQL5. I have almost 10,000 lines of MQL4 source code in my EA. In my memory, I have never had any issues with the compiler. Actually, my EA has worked better as the compiler has progressed.
gatoreyefx 2015.12.04 08:12 #
Just for your info, I am running Build 920 with Windows 10. I have no issues.
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