Minimun goal for backtesting?

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knoen 2015.11.26 20:09

What do you guys think is an minimum for an EA before it should be tested on a live account?

Whats the minimun profits, wins and things like that in your opinion?

cashcube 2015.12.13 12:56 #

I am looking answers for this same question...but I guess you have to figure it out by yourself..

For me 5 years or 10 years data is enough. With profit factor above 1 & low draw down. 

gooly 2015.12.13 14:05 #

I would suggest you to look first at the markets. E.g. EURUSD:

Very nice trend from 2006 and 2007  then rather wild ups and downs and as of 2014 a strong down trend.

Try to find out how your EAs behave in those different market types!

Bear in mind that the markets e.g. before 2008 were not the same markets we have nowadays.

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