Wrong symbol-specification entry causes calculation errors on my code

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GoS 2015.11.24 18:16


after i've searched an error for hours, i realized that the failure is not at my code.

I had some real crazy behavior; calculations for ALL of my traded symbols are correct, but only not for EURUSD. and only on DemoAccount.

If anybody of you uses a AFX-Capital (SuperTradingOnline) Account, please check "Specifications" of EURUSD.-Symbol on a DemoAccount and confirm this fail:


 These entries are ONLY at EURUSD. and cause my code to calculate false, when using MarketInfo to get TICKVALUE

I wonder, because these fail-entries are at EURUSD-specs, the most traded symbol !! Any other trader should have realized that already, OR I am the only trader at AFX :)))

Before i report to AFX-Service, i want to know: It is not possible to change these values at my own ?? Symbol-specs are provided by the broker ??

gooly 2015.11.24 18:58 #
If you think this is wrong ask your broker!
GoS 2015.11.24 19:12 #
If you think this is wrong ask your broker!

Allready done..

TICKVALUE is not fixed 0.00001; it's a non-fixed ratio 

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