How can i read finished M15/M5 candle data from Metatrader with

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nomenklatura 2015.11.10 09:04


I triying to read data from metatrader 4 with my app (on

I catch data with DDE but it is only bid/ask/high/low.

I want to read realtime data for finished candles (M5 and M15 etc)

How can i read from metatrader 4


Thanks in advice.


gooly 2015.11.10 09:29 #
Named Pipe or socket
nomenklatura 2015.11.10 13:28 #

Thanks but how?

there is no example..

I found "examples/pipes/pipeclient" and run but i cant connect from to this pipe. there is not listed in pipes..



1)How can i start pipe server from mt4?

2)How can i connect from from pipe (what name is it)?

3)With pipe,can i get candle (M15 OR M5) open/close/high/low data? 






gooly 2015.11.10 15:21 #

Well you have to code both sides yourself - may be you find some parts by google.

Or you post a project in the freelance part (see above)

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