Looking for good explanation of smoothing and weighting

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pullend 2015.11.08 10:25

Hello Forum, I've read countless articles on indicators, but am struggling to understand how smoothing or weighting works with respect to moving averages.

Before I try and code what I want, I would like to understand the maths.

Could anyone point me to a good article or description of smoothing etc?

I saw the following describing an example of the Wells Wilder Smoothing indicator:

 "The Welles Wilder's Smoothing indicator is similar to an exponential moving average. The indicator does not use the standard exponential moving average formula. Welles Wilder described 1/14 of today's value + 13/14 of yesterday's average as a 14-day exponential moving average"

which made sense, but was hoping to see some detail or a thorough explanation of what happens with certain types of moving averages. See examples of how they are calculated mathematically

Thanks in advance !

pullend 2015.11.08 21:57 #
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