How to update MT4 to latest build

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brad 2015.11.02 11:32

Hi there,


I asked a question on here before that seems to have disappeared as it's no longer under my name when I search by it for questions I've asked.

I asked why I got an error when sending an order for .01 lots.

It related to the MINISIZE of my broker.

I had confirmed with my broker that they accept 0.01 lots.

I was advised on the forum to update my MT4 to a later build.

The build I'm using is 840 v 4.

How do I update to the latsest version?

I don't see a liveupdate.exe file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader 4". 



WHRoeder 2015.11.02 13:11 #
download from your broker and install.
gooly 2015.11.02 15:05 #
If there is a new version provided by your broker (it differs) just close your terminal and restart it.
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