Updated MetaTrader 4 Web Platform: Detailed Chart Settings, 7 Available Languages and Full-Screen Mode

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MetaQuotes 2015.11.02 10:41

We continue to improve the MetaTrader 4 Web Platform expanding its functionality further. The new version contains a number of enhancements making trading in your favorite browser even more convenient. Launch the web platform and try all the innovations in action:

  1. Added the ability to set chart properties, such as color scheme selection, display of the Ask line, period separators, volumes, and more.

  2. Added the full-screen mode button to the toolbar.

  3. The View menu allows you to select one of the seven available languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish). More languages will be available soon.

Updated MetaTrader 4 Web Platform

Lastly, the confirmation window allowing you to delete your account data appears when you finish your work in the platform (previously only a password could be deleted).

We are actively fixing errors detected by traders. Please report any issues you encounter when trading via the web platform.

Stay tuned for more web platform updates!

Alberto_jazz 2015.11.25 15:36 #
Are you planning to enable the expert advisors?
ScalperMan 2015.11.28 13:22 #
Very interesting is the Web platform. Certainly finally solve the limitations and serious problems of installation which currently complain Linux users.
However, for this problem the developers should finally wake up and fix it.
forexor1ABC 2015.12.12 02:59 #
Just uploaded the mobile mt4 from FXCM. To my surprise, no ID number anywhere. Does it make sense to upload the platform again?. Push notification is the issue. Any ideas?
sophie_jane 2016.01.24 18:17 #
I remember the first time I knew about MT4 platform when i visited <link deleted> and opened a demo account there, and lost all my virtual money =) I think it's quite suitable for a beginner trader to have the first experience of trading.
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