New MetaTrader 4 Platform Build 900: Class Templates in MQL4 and Optimized Memory Use

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darksamu 2015.11.26 10:43 #


But I still consider these ideas as workarounds so I submitted a Feature Request to MetaQuotes to implement a new command which would re-initialize the current chart and indicators without symbol and time frame change. The name of the command could be 'ChartReInit()' or something like that. I hope they will do it, as the functionalty should be already built-in MT4, as it was working in builds older than 902 with a different command name (ChartSetSymbolPeriod(0,NULL,0)).




MetaQuotes closed the feature request I opened. They suggested to use function 'ChartApplyTemplate()' or alternatively function 'ChartSetSymbolPeriod()' twice (to change to another timeframe and then back). I still think that this is not a proper solution, but it seems MetaQuotes just doesn't care. 
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