OrderSend generates 131 error Invalid trade volume

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brad 2015.10.12 09:46

Hi there,

 I'm using this code to open a couple pending orders and get the error as in subject.

extern double SLDistance=.0020;
double Lots=0.01;//MODE_MINLOT/Digits;
double LongEntry;
double ShortEntry;



         Print("Unable to create pending long order: ",GetLastError());


         Print("Unable to create pending short order: ",GetLastError());

 I've read about MODE_MINILOT which is 23 according to the print out.

I've called the broker and they've confirmed their min lot size is 0.01.

Can you please advise? 


Ovo 2015.10.12 09:57 #
If you refer to the back-testing, then update to build 891.
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