How to find the forum topics started by user in mql4 forum?

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MirTD 2015.10.07 20:20
advise pleas
GumRai 2015.10.07 23:54 #

If they aren't registered on the mql5 forum with the same name, you can click on their name. Strange, but if they are also registered at mql5, you are taken to their mql5 profile.

You could do a forum search for their username, but that will show all posts that they write, I think 

Ovo 2015.10.08 09:08 #
Even more weird things were involved. Though I could not log in to directly - as it said "your IP is banned" over the last two years, I still could post easily to mql4 site while logged-in to mql5.
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