expert gets stack overflow error instantly when applied to offline chart...

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fbj 2015.09.17 12:01

Does not happen on online charts..

The offline chart's .hst is being 'fed'  by indicator running on a online chart - the usual stuff to feed !Tick<sym><tickCnt>.hst etc.

any and all suggestions requested



Ovo 2015.09.17 13:45 #
Do you have the expert code? It might have periods setting hardcoded.
fbj 2015.09.17 15:24 #

Ovo, thanks your time..

My code and I set via "Input" the number of ticks so in current case I set to 10.

Put Print(..) first line of OnInit() 

Basically OnInit() never gets called so no EA code gets executed.

msgs on experts tab are:

Expert xyz !TickGBPUSD,M10: loaded successfully
Stack overflow in xyz
xyz !TickGBPUSD,M10: not initializedExpert xyz
xyz !TickGBPUSD,M10: uninit reason 8 NOTE:8 = REASON_INITFAILED
xyz !TickGBPUSD,M10: removed

Ovo 2015.09.17 19:28 #
You have to place the OnInit code here if you want someone to help you.
fbj 2015.09.17 20:09 #
You have to place the OnInit code here if you want someone to help you.

If my code was at fault, yes I would. thanks. However, as I have said - init was never entered.
Additionally, the code is 100% working on Online charts and on an offline testbed MT4 install using tick charts.
It is not/cannot be the init code.

The code never gets called when ea applied to offline chart on an "online" client terminal - instead, it is aborted by ClientTerminal - that is of interest. A stackoverflow requires user code to run and my code never gets to run, if it did I would at least see some diagnostic o/p placed as 1st executable code of Oninit(). 

Your response is appreciated Ovo. Let's call it a day for now. I will find other methods to visualise my ea workings on tick charts.    It is only to satisfy myself that the code 'see's' entry/exit points of trades where I'd expect it to.


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