How can I remove spam mails from Gmail? fixed by Gmail Customer Service

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katemith 2015.09.11 14:05

Well, there is an option called ‘Report spam’ in Gmail which helps to keep away your mails from the spam and other suspicious emails. Reporting a mail as spam is not a big issue, just click the mail that you want to move as spam, see the spam icon that shown above your mail, hit on that. That mail will automatically re-directs to the spam folder and the messages in the spam folder will automatically delete within 30 days.

But many users says that the report spam feature is not effective, why they so? Gmail will consider a message as a spam when you report a message as spam in multiple times, that at least 5 times. That is certainly a disgusting thing, such a situation you must seek some alternate ways to hide way from this issue. Here we are talking a chance to explain more about it, in case you need further Gmail Customer Service 
katemith 2015.09.11 14:12 #

That’s really a great way to resolve the issue. We are one of the leading independent third party organization offers services in email support, mail configuration assistance and many more. Dial our Gmail customer Service support number, in case you wish to take services from us.

If the spam marking option is not effective, then use the Archive message option. Archive message doesn’t mean deletion, instead it hide messages temporarily from the primary folder. You can always find out the archive messages in the ‘all mail’ folder. Another way to stay away from the unwanted mail is through the ‘unsubscribe’ option. Mark your pestering mail as ‘unsubscribe’ once after the unsubscribing of a mail, all the mails from the same sender automatically stops to your mail box. For further options, contact the Gmail customer support. They can help you.

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