Recover a lost EA that I bought (my Hard Disk has failed)

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karakol833 2015.09.03 15:31

I would appreciate if anybody could help me on this.


I bought an EA a few months ago. I need to recover it because my Hard Disk has failed, so it is broken and I had to re-install operating system and everything from scratch.


I remember that in this MQL portal, on my profile, I used to have a link to see what I bought in the past. Now I cannot see it. I wanted to use it against Metaquotes as a proof that I have already bought it, so I can ask for a backup copy or something. The point is that MQL sites are now a mess, changing fom to as you navigate. This is not intuitive and I cannot find my old profile in, only here in If I try to recover my password in it says the email is incorrect, so maybe I used a temporary email for this and now I don't remember.


Metaquotes, I think this process should be improved to avoid this kind of things. Please contact me to see if I can recover the EA and my access to (the EA I bought was for MT4, not for MT5, but for some reason, the buying could only be done using, another counter-intuitive thing.... anyway.....). 

WHRoeder 2015.09.03 17:05 #
karakol833: Please contact me to see if
This is a user's forum not Metaquotes. We can't contact you; we can't help you. Open another profile on MQL5 if you need to.
zirkoner 2015.09.03 23:14 #

It's your responsability to backup your data. Not only you didn't it, which can happen to everyone, but you also don't know your login ( account)... Please don't blame others for your own faults.

EDIT: Did you contact Metaquotes (they will not contact you) ? You can create a new account on, then contact the ServiceDesk, maybe they can help to identify your old account, with your IP or something.

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