Drawing Objects Past Shift?

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Gunnanmon 2015.08.31 01:11

For my systems, I need to draw objects past bar zero, so my shift is set very far to the left, or center of the chart window.

Every time I draw an object past shift, even only a single bar past (anything less than bar zero), the objects either do not draw, or are stretched to infinity.

How are objects drawn past shift? Is it possible?

(Applying a ray is not what I'm looking for)

GumRai 2015.08.31 01:16 #
Please show the section of code that you use to draw the object
Gunnanmon 2015.08.31 03:34 #

Never mind.

I wanted to place lines by simply adding/subtracting bars, but I ended up with the below work around which spits out a date, and even adjusts itself by timeframe.

Time1 = TimeCurrent() + ((Period() * 60) * Variable);

Where: Variable is the quantity of bars to the right from Bar zero, plus one bar.

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