Big bug big issue in new update all the time in build 840 And before that!!!!!!

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Yorism 2015.08.17 13:00

Big Buggggggggggggggg Big issue!!!!!! in build 840 And before that.
Diconnect and do not reconnect automatically in the all broker . i must reopen.

Why even worse when updated? 

You should be tested before release?

If unsure, do not release. And should not be automatically updated.

WHRoeder 2015.08.17 13:19 #

840 and all earlier versions reconnects just fine for me. Tools -> options -> server -> Keep personal settings?

This is a user's forum, we do not test or release anything.

Yorism 2015.08.17 13:43 #

Yes, I checked to keep personal settings. or i must uncheck it.

I hope the developers will read it. Thank you for answer :) 

aakcaagac 2015.08.18 14:34 #
Now if you could be more specific. What operating system do you use MetaTrader with ? Windows ? Wine (Linux) ? Wine (OSx) ? What you describe could be anything and could be a bug anywhere else. If you run Wine for example (this is just an example) then it could be that Wine or any other underlaying framework (layer, api or whatever) might not report loss of internet connection to the upper layer and therefore MetaTrader can not determine (because nothing reported it) a lost connection or that it has to re-connect.
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