Which broker has the best version of the MT4?

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Rachelforex 2015.08.12 07:30

Hey guys,


I'm looking to start trading FX and CFDs and I want to use MT4. But there's so many brokers which offer their own versions of the platform with different features etc. 

 Can anyone recommend a broker whose MT4 version is the best and why?


Thanks in advance  

aakcaagac 2015.08.12 12:39 #

Can anyone recommend a broker whose MT4 version is the best and why? 

Your approach is wrong. Well to answer your question first. All Brokers use basicly the same MT4 Version, because there are more or less forced updates of MT4 showing up shortly after they get released. Some Brokers might add the one or other Indicator or Expert Advisor but to say the truth, the basic ones that come bundles with MT4 are basicly all you need. Most of us probably use the default MT4 that gets released by MetaQuotes anyways.

Now to the wrong approach thing. You should be more concerned chosing the right Broker, rather than asking yourself "which one offers the best MT4". What benefits does the best MT4 offer you, if the Broker ends up being a bucket shop or some scammer after your signed the contract ?

My personal and honest opinion here is this:

  • Chose a Broker which does not reside on Cyprus, Caymen Islands, or some other sub tropical place where law doesn't exist or where you can't get your rights pushed through once they rip you off.
  • Chose a Broker that is truly regulated. Please note that not every Broker that says "we are regulated" are in reality regulated. Regulations means that some federal and governal juridification has an eye on that broker. Even in the UK (there was a good example in January), the UK regulation has failed and a lot of people from EU and abroad still wait (till today) to receive their funds and investigations back.
  • Check the Broker from A to Z and read their contracts. In doubt contact the local regulation institution in your country where your Money is safe there (Deposit Guarantee). The guarantee has not just been written on the paper. It has to be guaranteed in case something bad happens to the broker.
  • Chose a Broker that resides in your country (look in the imprint). Contact your local regulation insitution in your country to verify that the adverted content on the Brokers website matches what the regulation insitutions says.
  • Chose a Broker that doesn't cash or rip you off at the end. There are still Brokers outside who increase Spread costs, disallow Hediging, disallow Scalping. There are Brokers whoh charge you 50 euros (more or less) once you want to make a transaction from your trading account to your own money account and so on.
I bet other people can add more about this here.

bmncjdi 2015.08.12 15:04 #

They are great tips regarding brokers. But how to find out if the broker is good or not? How to check that?

Read reviews?

WHRoeder 2015.08.12 19:30 #
Specific broker discussions is forbidden here. Do your own research.
bmncjdi 2015.08.17 11:20 #

They are great tips regarding brokers. But how to find out if the broker is good or not? How to check that?

Read reviews?

I think that the best way is  to tray certainbroker in order to get understanding which one is better for you. Only personal experience could help you.

I would recommend you have a look at such:




As many you try personally as more chanced for you that you will be able to get the broker you really need.

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